The Next Step ND
What is it?

Voice for the Captives is approaching our 5th year fighting sex trafficking in the Fargo-Moorhead area. While our primary focus has been on prevention through education and awareness, we have come to recognize that there is an alarming need for survivor restoration in ND. Voice for the Captives has decided to help fill the gap by starting a new program called "The Next Step ND" to help care and support survivors of trafficking.

The Next Step ND is a financial and relationship building program for survivors of human trafficking who are working to get established back into the community. After shelter care, victims typically have a financial need and are looking for a positive community environment. This program enables them to fill this gap and restore hope to those who feel lost.
Our Mission Statement

Abuse, abandonment, poverty, and neglect leave thousands of people hopeless after being trafficked. After shelter care, these victims have a very long road ahead of them. Once on their own, many experience depression, suicidal thoughts, and are very vulnerable to entering the sex industry again. For most, safe employment and higher education remain out of reach. Without an advocate, there is little hope. The Next Step ND is here to bridge the gap and meet the needs of those who have been trafficked or have been affiliated with human trafficking and are looking for long-term healing and restoration.

To meet a financial need: Many victims of human trafficking have little coming out of shelter care. The Next Step ND will be able to help meet a financial need to get them back on their feet and restored back into their community.
To encourage in context of community: More important than the money, survivors are in great need for emotional support and positive healthy relationships. The Next Step ND will work to meet the human need of being in a community of others by building trusted friendships with loving people.
For more information about The Next Step ND, please visit our website